Where are we located?

Contact Us:


EBS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Worldwide Headquarters: 10 South 3rd Street, 3rd floor,

San Jose, CA 95113


EBS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Latin American Offices:

10156 NW 41 ST

Miami, FL 33178.



Cra. 43 # 24A 45 Quinta Paredes, Bogota D.C.

PBX (57 - 1) 244 0133


Phone: (1) 408 351 3328

Web Page: www.ebssystem.com

E-Mail: info@ebssystem.com

Why are we different?

We are able to put ourselves in someone else's place by understanding customer needs, talking clearly. Besides, we are in constant learning and making knowledge flowing, we set out to do the things right since the beginning and conscientiously we look forward to obtaining results according to the targets established to accomplish them.


We are proud to always fulfill our commitments as a way to gain respect and recognition of suppliers, partners, customers and competitors.

Our Organization


Create leading companies through our strength and confidence to generate innovative products. In order to reach this goal, relationships are established with sincerity and commitment, providing diverse viewpoints and intensifying our virtues and respecting others through our actions.


EBS will be recognized as the best holding company formed by several base technological companies that strengthen its skills, creating an investment fund to support these ideas.

Our Values

The Values of EBS System Solutions Corp are:


1. Knowledgement

2. Innovation

3. Service

4. Quality

5. Commitment

6. Respect