OTK corp.

One touch key

It is a company focus on the development of "ONE TOUCH KEYS" with USB standard connector, and Biometric fingerprint reading which through its embedded software ensures secure access to a website with any entity that requires secure access certificated.

The user connects the OTK and immediately it requests your fingerprint that allows you to securely connect to your website without touching the keyboard or typing passwords, allowing secure transactions and operating with an “ONLINE LIVE ID ".

Enterprise Business Solutions EBS SAS

It is a subsidiary of EBS System Solutions Corp, established in Colombia; focus on the development of mobile software factory products.

EBS SAS, Incorporated in 2011 has specialized in the development of solutions for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), with an interdisciplinary team that has built more than 50 applications for mobile platforms, Apple, Android, Nook and Kindle.


The best apps

It provides a transactional portal for downloading mobile apps available to customers of the most important companies in the world, which allow spreading its use and remembrance of the brand. As well as, generate customer loyalty, create specific advertising campaigns and even promote the acquisition of goods or services of the brand or company that makes available to its customers this portal.

The Applications that are placed at the brand`s disposal are innovative applications in different categories such as catalogs, games, business, finance, education, news and other, allowing the client as the advertising used to promote the brand.


Tailored USB

K-USB is a standard USB memory whose appearance fits his own design company that uses it. Additionally it allows pre-record an internet address or an application that runs automatically when the memory is connected.

K-USB allows you to customize the image of the USB device to the corporate image of our clients as well as the possibility of integrating the Internet advertising portal so that users always maintain contact with the company.


It is a solution for the financial and operational managing of leasing credits, it makes ​​the settlement of the purchase option for vehicle leasing, real estate and others.

Settlements with types of  grace, fixed fee or variable fee, extra fee. It generates pagare, leasing contract, delivery and other records. It adds current parts and non-current ones.


It is a set of lively and parametric software solutions  designed to fund-raising and placement entities, which allows the creation of different types products involving specific characteristics. 

It allows to carry out several financial combinations, working with historical and fixed rates, UVR, (constant real value unit) usury rates, expired and prepaid interest, gradients, grace periods, building all kinds of attribute to charge a placement management (administration, insurance, interest into arrears , study of credit). It makes the whole restructuring process, resettlements, refinancing, renewals, causation, provision, collection management, generation of e-mail statements, statements, product simulations, purchase processes and lease portfolio, complementing all these solutions with products targered to the final customer through web technology, touch screens, mobile solutions (PDAs), smart cards, biometric readers and generating the information to the control agencies, promotion or membership.